How to communicate effectively

People like to do business with people who are like them and if you don’ have a relationship, one way you can demonstrate your alignment is by adapting your style to meet your prospect’s preferred communication style.  Of course, you do need to know what this is or, you need to have an approach that incorporates most of the styles until such time as you build sufficient contact to determine your prospect’s preferences.  So, what are they and how do you recognise them?

1.  Controller.  The are assertive, directional and decisive and are recognised as people who “get things done”. .  They prefer the practical with a focus on facts and efficiency.  They value results, performance, power, recognition.  Communication Tips: –

    • Be clear and concise
    • Start with the results, focus on the what
    • Keep to the point – no small talk
2.  Promoter.  Imaginative, creative, visionary.  Recognised as the ideas person and gets enthusiastic easily.  Direct and open and grasps new situations easily.  They value flexibility, challenge and visionary thinking.  Communication tips:  
  • Focus on the long-term vision
  • Avoid too much detail
  • Allow time as they will digress
3. Analyser.  A process  person who likes structures and approaches challenges systematically.  Recognised as the person who focuses on accuracy and detail.  Values facts, logic, process.  Communication tips:                
  • Be organised and to the point
  • Quantify the how
  • Emphasise data and facts
4.  Supporter.  Emotional, draws out the feelings of others, a team player.  Recognised as the person who is liked by everyone.  Values the personal touch, empathy and democracy.  Communication tips:  
  • Be informal and friendly
  • Focus on the why
  • Include the people impacts

Of course people usually have a mix of the four styles and can change dependent on the situation, for example in times of stress. .  Usually there is a predominant style displayed and effective communication is a result of recognising and adapting to that style.

This blog looks at one aspect of communication style that I have come across.  There are many other theories and behavioural concepts.  I look forward to hearing of those that work for you.
 Here is the content in a video, for those who prefer watching over reading.

And in audio. Listen on!

The Week:     On Monday I was due to go to a WEConnectEurope networking evening in London but last-minute hiccups delayed me and I changed my mind.  Tuesday, I ran the Ignite teleclass which is part of a series of tutorial teleclasses on the Coaching Course I deliver for The Forton Group.  We focused on listening skills.  Wednesday was truly what I call a “benefits of having your own business” day as I took the day off to do the Benjamin Brittain coastal walk around Aldeburgh with the family (sans cat).  We ate the renowned fish and chips (yes the dog had his own portion) on the seafront.  Bliss.  Thursday a client workshop.  They are unique interior designers and I am going to have to be careful not to spend more than I get paid with their tempting and distinctive styles. Friday was my “video production training” day, proving the power of blogging!  Then final preparations for Highflyingdivas in Colchester on the 26th July.  Looking forward to sharing my knowledge on using NLP for your career and business.  I have also had a flurry of requests for my free reports, articles and surveys from the website which is great.      

Reading for the week.  Another great book recommended to me is “First break all the rules” (what great managers do differently) by Marcus Buckingham.  Have you read it?  What did you think of it?

Lighter Reflections.

One of the few downsides of leaving the corporate world is that you no longer have the option of long holidays in far-flung places where money is of less concern.  So, this year, we are finally planning to use the 6 man tent we bought 5 years ago and go camping with our dog-walking neighbours.  The tent, one pump-up mattress and 3 sleeping bags seems to represent the total equipment tally.  We are likely to be queuing with begging bowls at our neighbour’s tent-flaps.  They have been charging up their fridge (yes, fridge) and other “can’t live without” necessities that indicate we are going with some well-prepared and seasoned campers.  Add to this the fact that our only relationship thus far has been walking our dogs together, it soon becomes clear that the lack of equipment is not the only risk.  I told James of  a conversation with one of the neighbours about a social event later in the year and he replied “So you think they will still be talking to us once they’ve been camping with us?”.  He has a point.  That is of course, once we have arrived in one piece which is questionable after our car journey this week.  An hour in the car following elderly “careful” drivers travelling at 25 mph on the 60 mph roads, husband screaming obscenities, son tunelessly groaning along to his ipod “yeh yeh bebe…oh yeh” and dog drooling over shoulder.  Do you think I could stay behind and camp in the garden on my own?

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Listen on!

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