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In an earlier blog, I cautioned against spending too much time and money on SEO activities if they are not aligned to your business profile In this blog I point to some useful resources for those whose strategy includes SEO and social media marketing.  As always, these are sources that I have come across and find useful and now share with you.  I am not an expert and write from the basis of a business owner who is forever learning and keen to share.  At a recent Highflyingdivas Forum, the following were mentioned.

1.  Google Places.  If you register with Google Places, your business will be selected and included in any search listings.  In addition to Google Places, there are other useful tools included in the excellent website Hubspot.  These are included in a free e-book. Free eBook: 7 Google Tools to Improve Marketing Effectiveness

2.  This website grades your blog and your twitter levels against criteria such as influence, popularity and trust.  You can get badges and there are tips to improve your score.

3.  This site provides shorter weblink addresses and offers other features such as custom hashtags.

What other useful sources have you found?  Would be great to hear and share!

The Week.  This has been a dream week for me and I hope will become the pattern for my normal business life.  On Monday I ran a client workshop and was delighted to see the progress made with real results.  From a situation of a threat to survival, the company is now looking to recruit!  On Tuesday, I met another new client whose business is both exciting and promising.  Wednesday was a day in London with a prospective corporate and on Thursday, a.m. with Central Essex Community Services and p.m. a client workshop.  On Friday a request for a proposal and a potential sale.  Lovely week working with great people and meeting a few more.  I do think that a benefit of having your own business is that you get to choose who you work with (if you are lucky) and it seems more like meetings with friends than work.

Recommended Reading for the week.  I thought this week that so far I have been recommending books, however, reading covers far more than books.  So, I am going to “branch out” by recommending a brilliant article that I frequently highlight to others.  It is a Harvard Business Review article called Who’s Got the Monkey?  by William Oncken Jr., Donald L. Wass and Stephen R. Covey.   I believe that everyone with responsibility for people will find it useful.  Let me know what you think of it and which “reading” has inspired you.

Lighter Reflections.  I was deliberating on my walk around the fields with dog Baron, on the potential topics for this week and then I realised that Baron has much to offer in terms of tips.

1.  Always chase the rabbit and believe that you can catch it.  You never know, one day you might catch it but if you don’t try, you definately will not.

2. Live and enjoy the moment.  Thirty seconds after being told off, he has forgotten and can bounce up, big smile, ready to play again.  Learn from the past and then let it go and take time to enjoy and notice where you are now.

3. To be noticed you have to be in the line of sight.  This works for whatever any member of the family may be eating.  This works just as well for that promotion or proposal.

Then I reflected on Moshi, our cat and realised that she also has some tips to share.

1.  Always use the front door -(demand for this to be opened even if the back door is standing wide open).  Her tip –  image is everything and standards should always be maintained.

2.  Occupy what you believe is yours and it will become so (this refers to the dog’s basket, the master’s bed or any other space or object).  Her tip – give the impression this is your position and place and others will start to concur.

3.  Don’t wait to be offered, take what you want and need (applies to food on plate or accesible surface,  socks or other interesting-looking garments, dog’s toys). Her tip – if you don’t have the courage to go for what you want, you will never get it.

Now what other messages am I getting from those around me?  Perhaps I shoudn’t ask!

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