What you need to know about HR

We were delighted to have Brian England, Chairman of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development), Colchester & Ipswich Branch present the HR Basics at The Leadership Forum this week.  Here are three of the basics that you need to be aware of, whether you have 5 or 500 employees.  These are the first two and the last from his list.  Members of The Leadership Forum got the full list and video of Brian’s presentation.

1.  Policies and procedures  – are they compliant with the law? Do they reflect best HR practice?  Even a small company needs to have compliant policies and procedures.  Listings and templates can be downloaded from the internet, so a quick check can save time and money in the long-term.  When was the last time your policies and procedures were reviewed?

2. Employee contracts and employee handbooks are needed even if you only have one employee.  If you have contractors, associates or freelancers, what are the terms of your relationship and are they recorded?

3. Culture and the Environment.  Many organisations do not consider these elements when recruiting or developing their people.  Is there a match, what support is provided to understand and align with the values and style of the business?  Getting this right can have a dramatic effect on employee well-being and performance.

The Week:  On Monday I ran a client workshop on the CHGP (Coaching for High Growth Programme) and Tuesday, I facilitated The Leadership Forum in Chelmsford.  The last one before the summer break. On Wednesday, it was off to Pfizer to meet the Procurement people and Thursday was a very different morning spent with the MD of CECS (Central Essex Community Services).  Friday  morning spent with my software developer who is creating some online tools for my Leadership Effectiveness programme.  Watch this space!.  Finally, sent out invitations to the next Highflyingdivas Forum on the 26th July in Colchester, where the Insight Presentation will be on NLP  (Neuro-linguistic programming) for Business.

Reading for the week.  “Difficult Conversations, How to discuss what matters Most” by Bruce Paton, Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen provides advice that fits into any context, business or social.

Lighter Reflections.  My son finishes Year 8 in his school and leaves

leadership coach

Guy and friends in school play

this week.  His last 3 weeks have been focused on the school play.  So we sat, along with other dutiful enthralled parents, to watch a play which managed to incorporate Hercules, Macbeth, Black Adder and Billy The Kid into its storyline.  This was followed by a tea in the Headmaster’s Garden and tomorrow we have Speech Day.  Oh joy.

Future Forum Dates:

Highflyingdivas 26th July, Colchester – NLP for Business

You can find more at http://ccconsulting.org.uk/    Follow me on Twitter

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