How to use Why? questions to close the sale

As a leadership coach we learn the risks of using the question “Why?”. It can raise all of the barriers and problems and can also come across as assertive, challenging and non-supportive. In marketing your products and services, however, thinking through the why question can help you close the deal. The three powerful marketing Why questions are:-

1. Why your product/Service? – Why should the prospect say yes? What benefits will your product/service deliver? What risks will it address? What profits/cost avoidance will it generate?
2. Why you? What is different about you? All your competitors may provide similar responses to question 1. but where are you different?
3. Why now? Very often, the prospect will show interest and then explain why the decision to go ahead is some time in the future. If you pre-think and answer the Why now? question, it can move that purchasing decision into the immediate or near-future.

The Why question is also useful to market yourself for an interview. Why this company, why this role, why me.

What has been our experience of answering Why questions in marketing? Which ones have worked for you and yes…..Why??

The Week: I spent Monday and Tuesday delivering the Leadership Coaching course Ignite to managers who wish to improve the performance of themselves and their teams by using a coaching style. This two-day course also sets up potential coaches for the ICF accredited status. We then had another successful evening of Highflyingdivas at Beachcroft LLP in London. The following day, I received this feedback from Nicola, one of the attendees.“I attended Highflyingdivas in London for the 1st time on Tuesday. It was an inspiring evening. Rosemary’s tip was to ‘do a deal’ and that’s what I did the next day. I did a deal!”  On Wednesday, it was Highflyingdivas in Chelmsford where I shared my learnings on Blogging for Business. I used my own experience of blogging leading to requests for proposals and offers of free services to demonstrate its value. Thursday was catch up day and on Friday I had two NED role meetings and a client workshop in the afternoon.

Recommended Reading. If you ever have to sit and wonder where the apostrophe goes, or other punctuation rules, then “Eats Shoots & Leaves” by Lynne Truss is a handy book to read and have on your bookshelf.

Lighter Reflections. It was Guy’s birthday this week which involved a Paintball Party leadership coachwith his friends. I asked James if he wanted to join in and he replied that he was too large a target and would only play if he could have a tank with paintball-firing cannon. Our little group of would-be heroes with the waists of their full-sized overalls swinging around their knees did not look as if they would last long against the stream of tall young men confidently marching up to the entry point. Perhaps it was the adult group’s matching Berets that defined their intentions of “playing for real”. So, I watched with some trepidation as the little band of brothers scurried off to protect the “city”. Moments later, I could see tall men falling in all directions as they were mercilessly battered with paintballs from my little demons. One of Guy’s team even bravely secured the flag, being peppered by all sides (yes I do mean his own side as well!). I “interviewed” my mini-veterans and posted it on YouTube thereby ensuring Guy got maximum credibility from his mates. Secretly, I still think James would have liked to join in.

Future Forum Dates

Leadership Forum 5th July, Chelmsford  – HR Basics

Highflyingdivas, 26th July, Colchester, NLP for Business

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