How to manage your social media

Everyone is being shown the importance of social media, however the challenge of tweeting, blogging, Facebook messages, LinkedIn discussions can leave you weary before you start.  Here are three sources to help you stay in control of it all and understand which of these media channels is working for you and your business.

1. . Hootsuite will give you an overview of all your social  media in one place.  You can customise the views and see at a glance what is happening in each of your social media channels.  Add streams to see at a glance who is tweeting about you and retweeting your messages.  Similar service for you other social media channels plus providing analytical reports.

2.  Very similar to Hootsuite and now part of Twitter,  people tend to love one or the other.  Tweetdeck enables you to search for key topics, competitor entries and topic trends.  The new service also allows you to send longer messages.  Both social media dashboards can save you time and provide an overview of activity.

3.  Viewing your social media is one element, however measuring its effectiveness is key to your social media strategy.  Google Analytics is very good and therefore often recommended.  You might also like to try twentyfeet as it gives twitter and Facebook analytics for free and you can add other source analytics for a nominal sum.

The Week. After Chairing the Remuneration Cttee in my Non-Exec Director role, I dashed over to Ipswich for the KPMG networking lunch.  Local businesses are invited to network over lunch and this time we also had a speaker.  I went to London on Wednesday for contact meetings and ran a business coaching workshop with one of my clients on Thursday afternoon.  Then it was final preparations for the next London Highflyingdivas Forum on the 22nd June and the Blogging for Business Insight Presentation on the 22nd June in Chelmsford.

Reading for the week.  I was preparing for delivering my Leadership Coaching workshop next week and spotted one of the recommended reading lists.  On it was a book that others have also recommended called The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.  Have you read it?  Did you find it useful and how have you applied it?

Lighter Reflections.  My son Guy has been away on a school trip for the week.  We needed the rest as we were plunged into revision for his Common Entrance exams during the last few weeks.  When we looked at his revision timetable, we decided that I would help him with French, English, Geography, History and RS and James with Science, Maths, Biology and Physics.  Just as well as my answer to James’ question of “what is the equation for force?” was “May it be with you?”.  I can now recite all the main countries in every continent, major mountain ranges, rivers and coasts. I am also capable of asking the dog fairly fluent questions in French on what he had for breakfast and where he lives.  I also have my relaxing walks returned since I no longer have to make up challenges such as “If you had £10 pocket money and there was a sale with a third off toys that originally cost £7, how many could you buy?”.  These sums would require some frantic prep by me before bouncing down the stairs and asking Guy “Fancy a walk?”  I believe that schools should provide a Parents Pre-Exam Tutorial course to prepare us for both the content and stress of managing our little darlings through the process.  I mean, who wants to look blankly at their offspring when asked “What is the prime meridian and where can I find it?”  I did have the opportunity to asking one of my favourites though.   “Where are the Andes?”  Guy’s response – in Chile and mine “No, at the end of your arm’es”.  Despite my woeful attempts at support, Guy managed to pass his CE exams and now I am dreading September when he leaves me to Board at his new Senior School.

Future Forum Dates:

Highflyingdivas, 21st June, London – Beachcroft LLP

Highflyingdivas Forum, 22nd June, Chelmsford – Blogging for Business

Leadership Forum 5th July, Chelmsford  – HR Basics by Brian England, Chair, CIPD Colchester & Ipswich

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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