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How to use Why? questions to close the sale

As a leadership coach we learn the risks of using the question “Why?”. It can raise all of the barriers and problems and can also come across as assertive, challenging and non-supportive. In marketing your products and services, however, thinking … Continue reading

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How to manage your social media

Everyone is being shown the importance of social media, however the challenge of tweeting, blogging, Facebook messages, LinkedIn discussions can leave you weary before you start.  Here are three sources to help you stay in control of it all and … Continue reading

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Three old-fashioned ways to raise your profile

In the race to embrace the latest changes, we sometimes overlook the power of a good old-fashioned approach.  This week I visited a new business.  A few days later, I emailed my contact to thank them for the meeting.  Later … Continue reading

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How cross-selling can help your business

During a client workshop the other day, it became clear that a one-to-one relationship existed with their key customer. This single relationship, albeit effective and profitable highlighted a number of risks and lost opportunities all around the tactic of cross-selling. … Continue reading

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