A powerful marketing tip

I was listening to the Business Week podcasts on Savvy Selling this week and was reminded of the power of a story for marketing yourself and your business.  Stories bring words to life.  Everyone listens and visualises and a good story will not only grab your audience’s attention but will also enhance their understanding.  Here are two powerful uses of a story and a tip.

1.  Marketing.  When you are asked what you do, the response, however well-rehearsed,  is an abstract description.  If you balance that with, “let me give you an example, this week ………..”, the result is that you have demonstrated you have clients and your service is effective and you provide a context which allows your listener to draw a relationship between the story and their situation.

2.  Presentations.  Where data, statistics and well-reasoned argument are powerful in your presentations, bringing it to life with stories will further engage and enliven your audience.

3.  Tips on using stories?  Try to make them personal.  They will be unique and help you relax as you move into using your reflective experience.  They will also lower the risk of telling a story the audience has already heard and finally personal stories enhance credibility.  If you haven’t got a personal story?  Try to find one that is not well-recorded or is newly published.  Do stories work for you?  What is your experience and your learning from using them?

The Week:  On Monday I went to the St John’s Innovation Centre to link up with the other coaches and clients on the Coaching for High Growth Programme.  Excellent presentations which demonstrated the advice on stories above.  The Programme is still growing and well worth investigating. www.stjohns.co.uk.  Highflyingdivas on Tuesday in Chelmsford where Laura Morrison gave an excellent insight into telemarketing.  Wednesday saw a trip to London for the Institute of Directors Wednesday Club, specifically set for networking.  We met at Spectrecom Film Studios in Waterloo.  This company creates both corporate videos and many other film types.  We all had an opportunity to trial a short clip.  Here is mine – totally unrehearsed so be kind!  On Thursday I caught up with admin, booking future Leadership Forum events and producing another video for The Women’s Information Network. www.thewinonline.com
My video intro

Reading for the week:  I listened to a podcast by Jeffery Fox and have now ordered his book How to be a Rainmaker.  If he has as many tips in the book as on the podcast, it will be a good read.  What good reads have you found lately?

Lighter Reflections:  Teamwork can be so successful when it is leadership coachingwell-executed.  I watch my dog and cat and their rabbit-snaring partnership in the garden.  Baron tries to dig the rabbits out and Moshi sits behind him ‘”rugby-style” ready to catch whatever he evicts from the burrow.  Luckily, for my peace of mind, they are not very successful but you cannot fault the tactics.  Baron thought he had another partnership with James which consisted of Baron pulling the baby rabbit out of the hole, James taking it away and putting it back down the burrow ready for Baron to extract it again.  The dog was somewhat disappointed when it became clear that this was not a new game.   I later watched the video production for a team of solicitors on Monday which was hilarious. One of the team members was a natural, however, when she handed over to the other to speak, he stared, frozen, into the camera.  Reflections?  It is good to work with a partner but be sure you know who is good at what and stick to it!

Future Forum Dates:

Leadership Forum, 8th June, Colchester – Risk Management

Highflyingdivas Forum, 22nd June, Chelmsford – Blogging for Business

Leadership Forum 5th July, Chelmsford 

You can find more at http://ccconsulting.org.uk/

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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