Resources to save you time and money

It is very true that time is money and if you can find resources that offer value for money, it pays to use them.  Whether the services are good technical support, marketing services or access to funding.  Here are three useful sources.

1.  Email marketing can be time-consuming and Mailchimp offers a free account and services to support this activity.

2.  The GeekSquad run by Carphone Warehouse.  Regular readers will know of my change from PC to Apple Mac and the challenges I have gone through to get everything set up.  Never mind the frustration, the time lost is valuable.  This was recommended to me and after signing up for a mere £6.99 a month, I am able to call them to support me with my laptop, desk-top, mobile phone, DVD, broadband, etc.  I called and spoke to Agent Somers (very FBIish) and he took remote control of both laptop and desktop and sorted everything out that I have been trying to do with Apple over the last 3 weeks.  He also knew more than the Apple guys about the applications!  So after 3 hours and no joy with Apple, I am now up and running.  Truly awesome and a worthwhile service that saves you time.  Lots of other benefits too

3.  Starting a business or growing one can be challenging, particularly concerning the financial investment needed.  You can get the sale if you build the tool but you cannot afford to do this until you have the finance.  Enter Grantfinder, a national website that divides into local regions and is the largest fund sourcing resource.     

The Week:   The London Highflyingdivas was hosted by The Home Office on Tuesday evening and featured “How to get the most from networking” as well as the regular co-mentoring activities.  We were sold out with nearly 30 places booked which created a lively and useful Forum.  Two networking events this week, both on the same day.  I went to London early on Thursday morning for the HR Business Network seminar on the relationship between CEO, Finance and HR on the Board.  Very insightful. Later that evening I attended the CIPD seminar in Colchester to hear a presentation on the Talent Management Framework that The London Underground uses. Their next event is on the 22nd June in Colchester Essex focusing on how to get qualified with the CIPD, a useful association for any HR professional.  

Reading for the Week.  This book was again recommended at Highflyingdivas and deserves a second slot as recommended reading.  “Our Iceberg is Melting” by John Kotter is an easy and insightful read into how people view and respond to change.

 Lighter Reflections  As a leadership coach, I am well-versed in the power of people’s beliefs and how they can influence your perceptions, attitudes and actions.  Here are some of my family oriented ones.  When I lived at home, my parents were constantly moaning at my “inability” to close any door behind me. They would regale my woeful failing to visitors, family and friends.  You can guess my delight when, several years after I left home, my mother confessed at a family gathering that actually it was my father who is the main culprit.  Not often do you get such a satisfying turnaround on a belief.  Similarly when husband James wakes either my son or I from our deep slumber and expects us to leap from our beds with a bright “morning!”, we respond with “I’m waking up”.  This sentence also helps with any accidents, forgetfulness, slow shuffling around the house with drink in hand and grumpy groans to questions.  James points out that there is no human condition called “Waking Up”.  You are either asleep or awake.  Guy and I remain convinced that our belief is correct.
The final belief is James’ that it is dog Baron who creates the dust in our house.  Now clumps of hair drifting around door-ways I can admit to, but dust?  Why is my dog the only sentient being able to produce this light layering across all surfaces (even upstairs where he doesn’t tread but allows his dust to drift?).  Even more inexplicably, how does he send his dust when he is away at the kennels?  How does he manage to transmit it to all your houses?  So sincere apologies for all the dust Baron magics into your homes and if anyone has a way of converting his unique talent into a money-making idea, then I am waiting at my computer to hear about it!  

Future Forum dates

 Highflyingdivas        24th May Chelmsford,                       28th June, Chelmsford

Leadership Forum       8th June Colchester,                          5th July, Chelmsford

About RosemaryCC

Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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