Making Sense of Change

The changing seasons is a natural occurrence which everyone is aware of and adapts to without much concern.  What is it that allows us to accept these changes so easily?  Is it perhaps because we know that although the weather is changing, everything else remains constant?  This same realisation can also help people adapt to organisational change.  Asking yourself and your employees these three questions can help with acceptance and lower resistance to change.

1.  The first is to ask them “what is staying the same?”.  Sometimes the overall impression of change can lead people to believe that everything is changing.  Understanding what is staying the same allows people to put the change in perspective and gives comfort that not everything will be unfamiliar. 

2.  The second is to ask “What opportunities might this change give you?”.  This opens up the field of the possible and helps people to think about potential positive outcomes.

3.  Finally, there is a choice, change can be done to people or it can be embraced and influenced by them.  The third question is “How can you influence the change so that you have some control in the process?”.  This question can  move people from feeling dis-empowered, and therefore victims, to a position of a contributor to the change journey, shaping the change in a way that moves it from a challenge to an opportunity.


The Week  At last a quieter week to catch up on admin, accounts, and all the tasks I had highlighted on my To Do list.  It also allowed me to play with my new Apple Mac and ipad.  It  may be intuitive but still takes time setting up mailboxes, printers etc.  Whilst deciding on my new ipad smartcover colour, my son whispered in my ear “Don’t choose pink”.  I responded with Why, is it because it’s not a business colour?”  He replied “No, I don’t want to look silly when I’m using it”. So, final preparations for Highflyingdivas in London on the 19th April, and announcements for the next one in Colchester on the 3rd May and The Leadership Forum in Chelmsford, 5th May

Reading for the week.  This book was recommended by one of the Highflyingdivas at the last Forum and is called  The Impact Code by Nigel Risner.  A mix of familiar advice on time management and realising your goals.  Highly rated by Amazon reviewers.  

Lighter Reflections  I knew that the weather was going to change, spring sunshine bursting through our bedroom curtains. Temperatures rising tempting us to delve into the back of wardrobes to find our summer clothes and less temptingly find out if we can still get into them. How did I know we were having warmer weather?  We’ve had double-glazing fitted this week.  I am also totally convinced that it  is guaranteed to rain when I have forgotten my umbrella and have no coat.  We are happy with the new double glazing as we are no longer woken up at 5.a.m. with Guy entering our bedroom with Hitchcock wailing of “The birds, the birds”.  There is a hedge outside his window and Spring has sprung by encouraging the little warblers to outsing each other each morning..  The cat is less happy as she can no longer sit on the window ledge to gaze fixedly at life outside since there is far less room for her to perch.  I, also, have noticed the difference.  I can now see the pigeon as it balances on a branch far too small for its fat little body.  I can watch it bouncing up and down but can do nothing as it launches up in the air to leave its morning deposit on my car.  No amount of shouting or pounding on the window is heard any more.  Similarly, these actions have no effect on the dog as he “waters” my car, the flowers and the outdoor furniture during his regular garden patrols.  I can only wave, grimace and jump up and down.  I now know how the monkeys at the zoo feel.

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