Which Syndrome is Holding you Back?

I have come across, and suffered from, a number of syndromes during my career and life.  Here are a few.  Which ones resonate with you? How are they holding you back from your true potential? More importantly, what can you do about them? 

1.  The Imposter.  Have you ever thought to yourself “they haven’t found me out yet!”  You cannot quite believe that they are listening to you, that you deserve the role you have, that you were the best candidate and are fully capable and confident in what you are doing.  This syndrome holds back our confidence and ability to lead with conviction and passion.    Well, perhaps “they” are wiser than you and they chose you because they believe you can and will deliver.  Why not follow your lack of confidence and assume that they know better than you and have made the right choice? What could happen if you didn’t have this syndrome?  Who could you be?

2. The Martyr.  Are you always the one “making it happen”?  Are you always looking after everyone else?  The one who is relied upon and stays late, arrives early and drives the team to deliver? Suffering from the martyr syndrome is more a reflection of how you see yourself as opposed to your dedication to serve others.  If you don’t value yourself, why should others value you, invest in you and promote you?  What might be possible if you didn’t suffer from this syndrome?  What could you do?

3.  The Lone Ranger.  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with your workload?  Are there not enough hours in the day?  Do you get confused with how many tasks and priorities you have to juggle?  Are you doing it all yourself?  Why?  Probably because you feel you need to be the Lone Ranger.  This results in your being very busy but not necessarily effective.  What is truly urgent, important and only you can do?  What could others do?  What partnerships could you develop?  What could you outsource?  You never know, your partner may even do it better than you, or at the very least do it to a satisfactory standard.  What could you achieve if you didn’t suffer from this syndrome?

There are many more out there so ask yourself what patterns or habits you have fallen into and whether they are holding you back. 

And here’s the video.

The Week.  For those who don’t know, my whole planned week was side-tracked with my husband James spending the day in A&E.  He has an infection and is home and on the mend courtesy of numerous drugs.  So Monday was wiped out and that impacted on the rest of the week.  On Tuesday I did travel to the Coaching for High Growth Programme run by the St John’s Innovation Centre, as I am one of the appointed coaches.  There are still places available for high-growth businesses in the East of England.  At £250 for a day’s Masterclass and then 2 days of coaching from professional experienced business coaches, it’s an amazing opportunity.  www.stjohns.co.uk/coaching.  I had to postpone the London Highflyingdivas Forum on Tuesday.  The next one is now planned for the 4th April in Chelmsford http://hfdcm.eventbrite.com.  At this I shall be sharing some techniques from my consultant’s toolbox on team/project management.  The next one in London is planned for the  19th April. http://hfdlon.eventbrite.com.  For the mixed Leadership Forum, it is the 26th April in Chelmsford http://lfcm.eventbrite.com

Reading for the week.  I have just received my copy of A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilbur.  Numerous people have recommended this and I look forward to it.  The quote says “Integrates the partial visions of specialists into a new understanding of the meaning and significance of life”.  Gosh, what can I expect?

Lighter Reflections.  At the moment I hae mislaid two content filled USBs, my sunglasses consultingand my spare pair of door-keys.  After years of living with me, my husband James has finally trained me to say “I have mislaid” rather than “I have lost” or more usually “Someone has stolen”.  The trouble is that I put these things “in a safe place” or else I absent-mindedly put them down as I am on my way to somewhere else with numerous other things on my mind.  My family is used to the family search pre-exit from the house for my purse, handbag, glasses ….  My son knows that he has another 5 minutes on his computer whilst listening to footsteps tramping up and down the house, a la Wee Willie Winkie, searching for my latest “mislaid” item.  I will not even start to tell you how many single left or right socks I have.  Except for the fact that I now have someone to blame for these.  Yes, indeed, they have been stolen.  I sat in bed the other night and watched, Moshi, our cat emerge from behind the wardrobe with something black and pink in her mouth.  My sock.  She had obviously ferreted it away in the absence of a friendly mouse or rabbit to entertain her.  James has watched her trotting off down the corridor with his socks in her mouth.  She has easy access to these as James keeps his socks on the top of his dresser – don’t ask me why.  I suppose losing a sock is mildly preferable to her other amusements which waiting behind the door to pounce at ankles as they appear in view.  Or lurking outside the shower door for naked victims to emerge.  Her outside enjoyment includes hanging out of a tree to smack the top of you head as you pass.  So, we do have a sock thief and the other thieves must be those naughty sprites that every house has.

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