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I have a stack of recommended books piled up by my bed.  How do you find the time to read, learn and develop yourself, your career and your business?  Here are three online sources that can save you time as they are available in different formats.  So, sitting on the train, driving your car, watching a video on your phone can all be learning opportunities.  They also provide succinct summarised insights, saving you the time in researching and then reading or reviewing the whole material.  These have all been recommended to me and I now find them extremely useful.

1.  Provides clips on just about everything and totally free.

2.  This does cost a little – $4 a month.  It does however provide summaries of business, self-help, motivational and inspirational content in multiple formats.  So when the next bestseller comes out – try a month’s subscription instead of buying the book.

3.   Google Reader can source the subjects of interest for you.  This saves time and provides you with the knowledge you need to keep ahead of what’s happening or developing. 

To stay ahead in business and your career, you need to stay at the head of the knowledge line, keep learning, developing and changing.  Challenge yourself to learn 3 new things next week!

The Week.  I sometimes laughingly say that I left corporate life as I didn’t want to work 70 hours a week for 4 years.  The difference is that I am doing it for myself, it is my choice and great fun it is too.  On Monday I co-delivered leadership coach training with The Forton Group  Tuesday morning, I was presenting to a consultancy with whom I wish to form a partnership.  The interview started with a real fire alarm!  Tuesday afternoon it was a dash back to Chelmsford for a Board to Board presentation for CECs, for whom I am now a Non-Exec Director.  Wednesday, back to London for a client retention proposal development meeting.  Thursday morning, I sat on an interview panel and Thursday lunch was with the IoD in Chelmsford. listening to Steve Clarke talking about getting the right customers.  Friday was a much needed day at home with the accounts! I did find time to respond to a friends request and I hope you can find time to support them too.  The Essex led initiative, Kids United  are attemting to break a World Record by raising the largest donation ever by a group of children, in support of BBC Children in Need.   Please visit this page and let them know how you can help them raise awareness.

Book for the week:  I have ordered Taming the Gremlin by Rick Carson.  So what is a Gremlin?  The Gremlin is the voice in your head that tells you “you can’t do that” or “they haven’t found you out yet” or “you’re no good at ……..”.  This book gives some simple techniques for you to “get out of your own way” and reach your full potential.

Lighter Reflections.  The sun is shining and every time I walk down the hallway, I am sure my lightweight road-bike winks at me.  Cycling is a new hobby.  When I moved to The consultingHague, I decided that I couldn’t really return to the UK without having learnt how to ride a bike.  So the family and I visited the local village and I selected a wonderful Granville-style delivery bike.  The “sit up in bed” type that you can get in Holland as everywhere is flat.  The idea is that cycling in the Netherlands is safer because there are special cycle lanes.  This is a reasonable assumption if they were also empty of other cyclists.  I had my clear warning signs that only the Expats wear i.e. a helmet but this didn’t stop hordes of cyclists racing past me with mm to spare.  I started off with cycling along the straight bits and then dismounting and turning my bike around the corners, remounting and cycling off again to the next corner.  Several times I almost ended up in one of the canals trying to negotiate a bridge closely followed by a corner.  My Dutch colleague then informed me that the brakes work different wheels and I could brake the rear wheel and avoid my regular risk of tipping myself over the handlebars into the water.  I got quite adept at cycling through the woods on my sturdy 3-gear bike and when it came to returning to the UK, I couldn’t bear to sell it.  So it sits in the garage now.  I have tried cycling to the village shop but after puffing up 3 moderate hills, I have kept it for special get-fit periods of my life when I truly need to build hefty amounts of additional stamina!  Will also tell you about my new bicycle experiences soon!

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