Sales Tips from The Leadership Forum

We had the second Leadership Forum this week and amongst the tips shared, the following three apply to sales and were considered useful.

1.  Sales, in whatever industry, is a numbers game.  The more contacts you have, the more successful you will be.  Spread your net wide and use all marketing methods.  This tip comes from a very successful Senior Regional Sales Manager.

2.  Never assume that if someone hasn’t called you back, that they don’t want to talk to you.  People do get tied up with other pressing tasks.  You will often hear the response “ah I’ve been meaning to talk to you”.  From an Owner/Manager of consultancy.

3.  Never fall out with anyone.  They might, and are probably like to, pop up again in the future!  Even if you have been unprofessionally treated, be gracious, take the learning and exit with style.  From Director.

What sales tips do you have?  Send a comment and share.

The Week.  It has taken a year but all seems to be coming together.  I now have a Non-Exec Director role and have been accepted into the EEDA business coaching pool for high-growth businesses.  Their Masterclass will be free and coaching is funded so only a nominal fee.  So if you are in the East of England region and are ready to take your business to the next stage go to for more information and to apply.  We had The Leadership Forum in Chelmsford on Tuesday and the Insight Presentation on using LinkedIn to market yourself and your business was described as “invaluable”.  The next event is on the 26th April with details at  The planned presentation will be on Team Management Tools.  So if you don’t know what  RACI or GRPI tools are and what they can do, come along.  Bring two guests and you come for free (email me the details and when they register I will either give you a discount code or refund your registration fee).

Recommended Reading.  This book was recommended at the London Highflyingdivas Forum and I have since been reading it.  SU.M.O. (Shut up, move on) by Paul McGee.  I recognise many of the themes and the book does encourage you to challenge your perspectives on life.  It is full of lovely “SUMO wisdom” such as “If you want to know who is most responsible for where you are in life take a look in the mirror”.

Lighter Reflections.  I had a thoroughly useful, intellectually challenging and informative week the week before last.  It was also fun.  It reminded me that the best learning comes from when you enjoy what and how you are learning.  Very often great fun translates to happy memories which means the learning sinks in faster and for longer.  This reflection was based on attending the Train-the-trainer coach training course run by The Forton Group  It train leaders on how to coach.  At one point we were using warm-up techniques for presentation.  Helen had mentioned she was going to “Zumba classes” (a mix of great dancing moves).  Bob, her husband heard it as “Zimmer” dancing.  So we re-enacted the Zimmer dance.  Instructions are – you move your zimmer-frame to the right, then join it and swirl your hips in a circle.  Move your zimmer-frame to the left and repeat.  All to a slow rendition of music in your head of Tom Jones singing “Sex Bomb”. We then took some photos and when we viewed them on screen witty tag-lines emerged.  My favourite:—-

Is this what employee engagement does for you?Leadership coach training

The Forton Group   It could be this, if you get it right!

Call me for copyright and IP rights!

Other,s of course, thought that the fact I seem to have a chimney growing out of my head, was far funnier!

What fun learning have you had this week?

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