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Which Syndrome is Holding you Back?

I have come across, and suffered from, a number of syndromes during my career and life.  Here are a few.  Which ones resonate with you? How are they holding you back from your true potential? More importantly, what can you … Continue reading

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Online Resources Saving Time and Money

I have a stack of recommended books piled up by my bed.  How do you find the time to read, learn and develop yourself, your career and your business?  Here are three online sources that can save you time as … Continue reading

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Sales Tips from The Leadership Forum

We had the second Leadership Forum this week and amongst the tips shared, the following three apply to sales and were considered useful. 1.  Sales, in whatever industry, is a numbers game.  The more contacts you have, the more successful … Continue reading

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Learnings from Direct Mail Campaign

A week or so ago, I conducted my first large direct mail campaign to 200 companies.  I believe that all marketing channels should be used and the old-fashioned letter has its place in the mix.  People are more accepting of direct mail … Continue reading

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