Tips for effective meetings

The Highflyingdivas Forum met this week and again shared tips. Here are 3 of them that will help ensure your meetings are effective and productive.

1. Plan. Where there is a difficult meeting / decision ahead rather than try to win it in the meeting, meet up one on one with each party – deal with their issues, concerns and perhaps misconceptions. This will win their buy-in, trust and deal with objections before the event. The meeting will be a rubber stamp.

2. During. Give freely of your knowledge and advice as the more you give and support the more you will get back. Be the expert and give of what you know. This tip of course relates to all of your activities and through each of your channels, websites, blogs, social media and so on.

3. Ending. Summarise the meeting at the end specifying action point, next steps and responsibilities. This clarifies understanding, assigns the tasks ensure that expectations are realistic and provides a useful summary which can be referred to by attendees later.

The Week. Two days of the week were spent in London. Whenever I have a meeting in London, I always try to arrange two other contacts to get the most value out of the trip. So I met with two contacts that I have met at networking events during the day on Tuesday and then ran Highflyingdivas at the wonderful premises of HM Revenue & Customs in Westminster in the evening. It was great to hear one story of how a Cultural Coach had raised her challenge at the previous Forum. She had a large German audience attending a seminar and she was extremely nervous. She reported back that the event was a huge success as the mentoring she received helped her relax and “be herself”.  I then attended the Wednesday Club of the Institute of Directors a monthly networking event for members.  Coaching client on Thursday and preparation for The Leadership Forum to be held in Chelmsford on the 8th March.

Recommended Reading.  As it is the last Friday in the month, I refer to the books recommended during February at  

Lighter Reflections.  We all sigh whenever we come across bureaucracy or that lovely specimen of “Jobs Worth”. This week in talking to a colleague, I reflected that everything is relative.  My colleague recounted his experiences within his current Eastern European country and company’s policies.  His first experience was in returning for his latest monthly assignment, during a 3 year tenure.  He had a deputation outside his office from HR who had come to give hm a 3 hour “induction” to the company.  He pointed out that he has been with them for 3 years and they said “But yes this is the new policy and everyone must go through it”.  He then had the fire exits pointed out to him etc etc.  He is actually coming to the end of the assignment which resulted in another deputation from Accounts.  They informed him that the system had recorded that he owed the company $522.01.  He said that he had not received this and it seemed an odd amount. He asked for proof.  They returned to say that it had been paid into his American account.  He told them he didn’t have one and they answered “All Americans have an account”.  He replied “Yes but I am English”.  They withdrew to return later with “Ah, we have it sorted – it went into your local bank account”.  Guess what?  He doesn’t have a local bank account!  Finally, he was called to a Government meeting and on asking for a car (it is -36C where he is based) was told that the policy was he had to give 24 hours notice.  His wife informed him that there was no policy for her, so she booked it.  When he entered the car, the driver took a call from Central Bookings asking if the passenger was a woman.  The driver then took him through the policy again.  Now, what is he to say to the Finance Minister for why he could not attend the meeting as instructed???  So next time, you are asked to “sign within the box” or else,  or “MUST be completed in black ink” or whatever bureaucratic rules you are asked to obey – spare a thought – it could be worse!

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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