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Had a fabulous launch of the London Highflyingdivas Forum this week.  Part of the format for these events and those of The Leadeship Forum is for everyone to introduce themselves and share a tip that they have found useful.  Here are three from Tuesday evening’s event.

1.  Underpromise and over-deliver.  A classic that we sometimes forget in our customer focused desire to please.  So if you think you can deliver on Thursday, say Friday and then you can delight them with Thursday, but even more importantly from a risk management perspective, you have the extra time in case something unforeseen occurs.

2.  Make your client feel like they are the only important person to you.  This builds the relationship, demonstrates your attention to their service and generates loyalty. 

3.  Be a “yes” person by asking yourself “what’s stopping you from saying yes?” to a challenge or an opportunity.  What might happen if you say yes?  Dare to visualise you succeeding! 

Many more useful tips that had us all nodding our heads and scribbling in our notebooks. 

The Week:  As you will have gathered from above, the week was taken up with Highflyingdivas on Tuesday.  Comments from those attending included “this is the best network event I have ever been to” and “great variety of people, perspectives and input”.  Another event I truly enjoyed and found useful was KPMG’s business networking group The Luncheon Club held monthly in Ipswich.  This is by invitation and is worth attending not just because of the networking but the food at The Salthouse Harbour Hotel was truly outstanding.  Contact me if you like the sound of it.  Then it has been preparing for the next events.  Highflyingdivas in Colchester on 1st Feb and The Leadership Forum in Chelmsford on 8th Feb.  Due to the VAT increase, I have had to take a decision on pricing.  This is my solution.  The original attendance of £10 (which includes VAT) will remain for early bookings right up to 7 days before the event.  Then the fee rises to £15.  This will keep a low-cost option and yet still go someway towards the VAT increase.  I trust this is fair and acceptable.  At both these events I will be giving an Insight Presentation into marketing yourself online – getting the most out of LinkedIn.  So don’t miss the chance to ensure your online presence is optimised!.

Reading for the week:  Another book I have had recommended to me is “Kick-start Your Business: 100 Days to a Leaner, Fitter Organisation (Virgin Business Guides) (Paperback) by Robert Craven.  10 reveiws on Amazon, 9 of them giving it 5 stars.  It is is practical, proactive and focused on those entrepreuners who are serious about rapidly growing market share.

Reflections.  I am not sure I can call this week’s reflections as light.  My 91 year old father-in-law passed away.  He was an extremely sprightly, intelligent and capable man and thankfully, although he had cancer, suffered little and died in his sleep, albeit in hospital.  He will be greatly missed as he had such a strong character and personality that made an impression on everyone who met him.  He was also a joker and would regale us with stories of when he was the General Manager of an Engineering firm.  One of his tricks was to make up fake spiders, string them along the ceilings and then as “master of puppets” dangle them up and down on the heads of the female shift-workers.  In his youth he was also “released” from Fords for setting off fireworks indoors during the night shift.  He nursed his wife, Bet, for over 30 years as she suffered from multiple scerosis and refused to put her in care when she deterioted, even though he was over 70.  During the Second World War, he used to go on secret behind-the-enemy line missions in his role in the Parachute Regiment and was even on the terrorist’s “wanted” list in the Middle East.  In later years he always spent Christmas with us and then returned home for New Year.  We would call him on New Year’s day to hear about his exploits which were more energetic than our own.  For example, for some time his “girl-friend” was only a couple of years older than me – a difference of 40 years for him.  He got engaged 6 times and people used to say that he had the engagement ring on a piece of string.  Having said that, he was a loyal, loving, steadfast gentleman whom I called Dad,who had a special place in our hearts and whom it was a priviledge to know.  Rest in peace Harry.

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3 Responses to Business Tips from Highflyingdivas

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  2. So sorry to hear of the sad loss of your Father in law. He sounds wonderful and I was glad to hear he had been such a joy to know.

  3. Thanks for the kind comments about the book.


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