More free online business tools

This week I am sharing information about two useful online tools and another internet function.

1. The first is Dropbox, This is an online storage facility that allows you to file, store and share material. It is secure but can be set to share with others, allowing multiple users to work on documents. It also saves having to carry your laptop or a USB around, since you can access your material from the Dropbox website. It automatically synchronizes documents across your mobile phone, laptop, desktop, in fact any type or number of computers. Finally, it also automatically backs up your material for you. Try it.

2. Last week I spoke about “backs”, now its the turn of “feeds”. A feed usually an RSS one (Really Simple Syndication) is used to notify you when updates are made to the website you have subscribed to. There is usually a button on a website, which you click and then subscribe to be notified when that site is updated. This saves you regularly revisiting the site to look for them.

3. RSS feeds are one of the features of Google Reader. This tool collects material you are interested in for you to read and share. You can put a search into Reader for a topic and then share that article on Facebook and via Twitter. You can even “bundle” articles and share them with selected groups. There is far more functionality on Google Reader, so I encourage you to take a look.

Here is my update via video.

The Week:  No network meetings as such this week but three meetings with people I have met at network events.  I also listened to a Chris Cardell webinar.  Chris Cardell is one of a few entrepreneurial gurus whom I believe have something useful to say and are not just out to sell.  He gives out free information both in webinar, CD and email format.   I then followed up with some contacts to discuss mutual marketing opportunities.  Joining forces to co-develop, co-market and co-deliver increases chances for success and reduces development and marketing costs.  This week I met up with a larger coaching training company, a group of independent consultants and a bank.  My belief is that accountants and banks should be doing much more than the basic service these days.  My contact at the Clydesdale bank (who support businesses with £2m turnover plus) seem to epitomise this philosophy with everything from offering their “members” free meetings rooms in all their locations to regular business advice.  Needless to say, I am not large enough to be considered a client but there were useful discussions to share thoughts on networks, resources and markets.  Then it was final preparations for the London launch of Highflyingdivas on the 18th January, and announcement of the next Colchester event on the 1st February.  See or  I also updated the Highflyingdivas website to offer more free reports and surveys.

Reading for the week.  A colleague has mentioned this book twice recently.  Good to Great by Jim Collins.  Through a study of those organisations that are good (publicly trading) and then become great, Collins identifies that good leadership focusing on persistence, dedication and hard-work are the true reasons for success.

Lighter Reflections.  My dog Baron has his best friend Pebbles to stay for the weekend.  consultants, change,It is amusing to see the difference in his tolerance levels.  He is possessive and protective when we meet other dogs and will give warning growls as soon as look at another dog.  When in possession of a favourite snack, he growls at the cat as she enters the room.  She of course disdainfully struts past with her tail in the air and a face which clearly reads “why on earth would I want that stinky bit of garbage you’re chewing on?”.  Pebbles however marches up, picks up his snack and trots off with it.  Baron looks at me for help but, none forthcoming, gets up to follow and watch her enjoy it.  They share each other’s food with a curious kitchen relay between food-bowls.  Then later, they snuggle up to snooze.  Well, Baron would, but Pebbles has too much energy and persistently nibbles his ears.  She is having so much fun that she didn’t as much as glance at her own home as we walked past.  Baron, I suspect, has come to the conclusion that Pebbles is a fun-date but perhaps not marriage potential.  So the question is, are there people with whom you are less tolerant because you don’t know them or have a friendship with them?

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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4 Responses to More free online business tools

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  2. Kirill Storch says:

    These are all great tools, however I find the abscence of a good graphic design tool suspicious. I would love to hear if you have any suggestions. I got some pretty good results out of

    but would love to expand my horizons.

    • RosemaryCC says:

      Kirill Thank you so much for your comments. I write about which tools I come across as I manage my business so have not had much to do with graphic design tools yet. Nothing suspcious – just I prefer to mention what I have tried! Thank you for the comment and I will put graphic design tools on my research list! Watch my space.

  3. Thank you Rosemary for the tips and tools you provide, and the insight into the romance of Baron and Pebbles – S

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