Back to business and the meaning of “back” for websites

Happy New Year to everyone.  One of the signs that I am getting to grips with my knowledge of social media is when I moved from simple inputting text into my blog to considering pingbacks, trackbacks and backlinks.  I therefore thought it would be useful to outline what these are, how to view them and what relevance they may have for a web-site.  They are all quite similar in that trackbacks and pingbacks are two types of links  that notify the author that someone has linked to their site.

1.  Trackback provides information when somebody links to your site. 

2. Pingbacks provide the same information for every link you feature in an article on your site.

3. Backlinks are links between sites or web-pages and are used by Google to rate your search engine optimisation (SEO).  The more links you have from one web-page to another the better, provided that they are logical, thereby avoiding Google’s rating of them as linkspam.

So what does it all mean?  On the WordPress site you have space to enter urls for any trackbacks and an option to allow trackbacks and pingbacks on your site.

You may want to thank someone for the trackbacks and pingbacks to your site.  It may also be worth looking at their online presence to find areas of mutual interest.  You might want to use a trackback or pingback to something they have produced that would also be of interest to your readers – a form of retweet.

You also want to ensure that you have as many backlinks between webpages, your web-sites and any other social media that you use e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, your own email signature, Facebook and so on. 

I hope you find this useful.  I share my learning on my internet journey for those in a similar position.  I am sure many experts will be able to add and advise more on the subject and look forward to any contributions.  If you are interested in making more of your online presence, check out my half day seminar on the 27th January in Chelmsford.  I will share my experience on how, starting with no knowledge or technical savvy at all, I have been able to build my own websites, set up on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and create an online presence with no more than 5 minutes a day and 30 minutes once a week.  Bring your laptop and “get the basics done”, allowing you tweak and maintain as you wish.  There will be an expert there to help with queries and challenges.  Check it out at  £47 including VAT.

The Week:  I should of course say the fortnight but as most of the period was a holiday for me, it probably only amounts to a week of business content.  No networking but preparation for the New Year.  I sorted out the business cards I have collected – which ones are on LinkedIn and those I needed to invite to connect.  I received the copy of my article “The Gender Agenda” in the December issue of HR Director.  Copies available from  I also circulated more invitations to the London Launch of Highflyingdivas on the evening of the 18th January.  Still time to book at  Finally, I published an ezine article on Presentation Skills.

Lighter Reflections.  Hiding Christmas presents is a challenge for everyone, particularly Business consultingwhen the item in question needs a gang of bodybuilders to lift it and takes up more space in your hallway than your bicycle.  So when we bought Guy’s present of a Warhammer gameboard (you have to suffer boys in the house to know what this is), we had little choice of where to put it.  So, it sat in the dining room, next to Guy playing on his PS3.  He asked a couple of times what it was and we nonchalantly answered that it was a new piece of office equipment for me.  He didn’t enquire why it wasn’t making its way upstairs to my office. He continued to sit alongside his Christmas present in total oblivion.  I chuckled about this with a neighbour who told me that he had painted his mother’s kitchen whilst she was on holiday and two days after her return, he had to tell her.  Yes it was a completely different colour!  She replied with “I thought something was different but couldn’t work out what”. 

I have electronic keys to my car and recently the battery must need replacing as it doesn’t always work.  This means I have to manually unlock the door and leap inside to switch on the ignition before a piercing “someones trying to steal me” scream starts up.  Last night I left a venue and tried to unlock the car from a distance.  Nothing.  So I put the key in the lock, balancing on my toes, ready to spring into the driver’s seat.  The key wouldn’t open the door.  I then noticed that the car behind the one I was trying to break into was lighting up and making encouraging noises at me.  I was trying to get into the Audi TT parked next to mine.  So, I guess my son’s observational powers are indeed inherited from me.

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  1. I love reading your blogs they are simple to understand and i always look forward to the next one…. If you want to write one appropriate to my plastic surgery clients on i’ll be pleased to post it for you with links back to your various pages 🙂

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