Managing your Creative Brain at 3.a.m.

At The Leadership Forum launch, one of the attendees shared his challenge of managing his creativity which resulted in waking up at 3.a.m. with ideas buzzing around in his head. He then finds that his day is taken up with the operational tasks and he doesn’t find time to address his new ideas. I believe that most people have this challenge, whether they run their own business or have a demanding career in a company. Here are my tips.

1. The best result is not to wake up at all. This activity could be a sign of your subconscious mind trying to get you to address strategic challenges. So, put a regular “strategy development” appointment in your calendar to think about these higher-level topics. Once you start to address them, it may ease the need for your brain to wake you up and, even if you do think of them, there is less angst in trying to develop them in the middle of the night.

2. Prepare yourself for a long restful sleep. Have a warm bath, drink a warm drink. Read a non-taxing book or listen to a relaxation tape. There are many techniques that teach you how to prepare your body and mind for rest. From thinking about a peaceful location to clenching and unclenching each muscle group in turn.

3. If and when you do wake up, keep pen and paper to hand and write down your thoughts. This tells your brain that it is taken care of and stops your subconscious trying to keep it in your memory. Or, try a dictaphone or voice recorder on your phone. Anything to capture and remove the ideas from your thoughts. Then its back to the relaxation techniques above. One that works for me is counting backwards from 500. I never get to 100! You will drift into other thoughts but coming back to where you think you left off works for me. If, after half an hour or so you are still awake – get up. Watch TV, read a book and wait until you are sleepy again.

Let me know by emailing me at if you also suffer and what techniques work for you. Here are my tips for those who prefer video.

The Week:  I went to London on Monday and Tuesday to meet up with contacts to discuss working together on marketing.  On Thursday I took two guests to the Christmas Breakfast at the IoD at which Dr Adam Posen of the Monetary Policy Committee led a discussion on the economic prospects for companies in Essex.  I was delighted to meet a contact who told me that he had removed his company’s firewall just to receive my blogs!  Then it was marketing for my future events.

Launch of the Highflyingdivas Forum in London on the 18th Jan 6.15 – 8.,30 p.m. –

Launch of my “Get Started Online” Seminar in Chelmsford on the 27th January.  When I set up my company in March, it was without any knowledge of social media, website design etc.  I have learnt from scratch and put it together with no budget.  I now attend events where people are regularly telling me “I’ve heard of you”, or “I’ve read your blogs” or “you are really active online”.  Well, no-one knows less about IT than I do.  So I decided to share what I have done and what has worked/not worked for me.  Attendees bring their laptops with them, together with their requirements and take home the basics.  Yes I will have an expert on hand but the objective is to just come along, understand, learn and take what you have built home with you.  So if you want to set up a simple website or do more with LinkedIn, come along – 2.00 – 5.00 p.m.  £47 inc VAT.  More details at or call me on 01375 573283 to find out if its right for you.

Reading for the week.  This week, it’s another book recommended to me called “Spin Selling” by Neil Rackham.  This provides you with a set of simple and practical tried and tested techniques tried that dramatically improve sales performance.  It is based on extensive research of 10,000 sales people in 23 countries.  By the way, I don’t go out and buy all of these recommended books.  I just put requests into my local Library. 

Lighter ReflectionsCoach, ConsultantThis week I have been reflecting on a wonderful line in last week’s recommended book Brilliant NLP which is “Perception is not reality”.  I was coaching a lady who talked about her feelings and perception of herself growing up alongside a very skinny athletic sister.  I empathise as my sister, 18 months older than me, happened to be a 5’8″ stunning blonde with a 22 inch waist.  I always felt like the little dumpy one.  Sometimes of course you don’t wish to alert others to the truth of their perceptions about you.  I am convinced that James thought I was a 5’10” skinny model when he met me as he bought me a magnificent long Barbour riding coat for our first Christmas.  Now, I could imagine how great it would look on someone striding down the road but I felt more like Paddington Bear with little wellie boots sticking out under the hem of this enormous trench-coat.  Did I correct my darling’s view of me?  Don’t be daft!  We have also benefitted from people’s perceptions of us when on holiday.  Back in the 80’s, you couldn’t travel 5ft from your hotel room without being accosted by time-share reps.  James is a big, broad 6ft blonde and looks like German, or perhaps Danish.  I am frequently told that I don’t look English (no-one seems to enlighten me as to what nationality they think I resemble – probably an alien).  Anyway, these reps would trot alongside us trying every single language except English.  We would shake our heads, shrug our shoulders and raise our hands to show that we hadn’t a clue what they were saying and merrily proceed on our way watching their frustrated puzzled faces disappearing behind us.  So perception is not reality but sometimes you might want to pretend it is!!

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  3. Quite a beautiful website. I recently built mine and i was looking for some design ideas and you gave me a few. May i ask you whether you developed the website by youself?


  4. Hi Rosemary,

    Am already looking forward to reading Spin Selling, hopefully it is going to be finding its way into my xmas stocking (yes, even Xmas is an opportunity for personal development!).

    Have a wonderful xmas with your family x

  5. I recently noticed this site couple of weeks ago since a friend recommended it to me. I have been a daily visitor since then.

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