How to Confidently Present – Yourself, Your Business

One of the challenges I hear people voice most frequently is confidence in presenting.  Themselves and their business.  Here are my three tips for this week.

1.  Practice leads to confidence.  First you have to “act” confident, then as you practice, it becomes more real for you.  At the last Highflyingdivas Forum, one of the attendees recommended joining a Speakers Club to regularly practice in a friendly environment.  Rehearsing your opening lines can also help as it allows the mouth to work whilst your emotions and brain are settling down.

2.  Lower your voice tone.  30% of what an audience takes in comes from communication.  Dropping your voice one level at the start will allow your voice to raise an octive if your throat tightens, with no obvious change perceived by the audience.  Record your voice, listen to it and make changes to the aspects you wish to improve.

3.  Look at online support. offers questionnaires, articles and other techniques.  If you are letting yourself down by not presenting well, you should view seeking help as a business requirement not a personal one.

The Week:  I doubt that many of us had the week we planned at the start!  I did go to London on one of the two days that I had planned, however I was only one of two people who made it to the Seminar!  It was the Muika Leadership seminar on Focussed Thinking which outlined that success comes from positive thinking as it is our assumptions leading to behaviours that generate the results we achieve.  The rest of the week has been spent in preparing for The Leadership Forum on the 10th December in Colchester.  I am very excited at the prospect of having a group of senior business leaders networking and sharing their ideas and knowledge.  I am going to deliver the “Insight presentation” on Leading Change.  A few places still available at  I have also spent some time organising the launch of the London Highflyingdivas Forum on the 18th January, 6.15 to 8.30 p.m.  Good mix of public and private sector senior women attending.  Register at  Full list of dates and locations available at

Recommended Reading.  As it is the end of the month (well this week anyway), I refer you to the summary list of recommended reading posted on 

Lighter Reflections.  I hear comments about the heavy weather we have which brings to mind a real comment I found published in an overseas publication some years ago.  It read “Weather is weather, whatever the weather and whether there is weather depends on the weather”.  Fabulous. 

Baron, the dog, finds the snow fantastic fun.  He has a long black coat and having long legs can bound about in the snow with little effect.  The cat meanwhile, yells at the door and Leadership coachesexpects us to stand with it open for minutes at a time or until we start to resemble ice cubes,  whilst she sniffs the air and then decides it’s too cold to go outside.  We have of course built the obligatory snowman to have Baron aiding us by running off with its stick arms and pulling the carrot nose off.  He added insult to injury with his final traditional “lifting the leg” habit to let us know what he thought of our artistic abilities.  We now have a snowman with yellow stripes!  Anyone with a male dog will know of the trials and tribulations of their territorial instincts.  Baron does go too far though, I have seen him lifting his leg on my car and we even spied his best friend, Pebbles, with a tell-tale marking on her head!  Territorial rights going to extremes I think.

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