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Managing your Creative Brain at 3.a.m.

At The Leadership Forum launch, one of the attendees shared his challenge of managing his creativity which resulted in waking up at 3.a.m. with ideas buzzing around in his head. He then finds that his day is taken up with … Continue reading

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How to fit development into your busy life

There is a wealth of information available on the internet and elsewhere these days.  How many times have you registered for a Webinar or sent off for a free download and it sits on your pc because you never have … Continue reading

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How to Confidently Present – Yourself, Your Business

One of the challenges I hear people voice most frequently is confidence in presenting.  Themselves and their business.  Here are my three tips for this week. 1.  Practice leads to confidence.  First you have to “act” confident, then as you … Continue reading

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