Communication Tips

I have had three expert opinions on both my web-site and blog.  All of them have valid points and I now have a long list of changes and edits to make.  The advice included:-

  • Ensure your messages focus on value and benefits not features
  • Focus your message on your target audience – do not try to have multiple offerings to multiple prospects
  • Answer the question – what is unique about you
  • Keep the content brief and to the point

What the experts were also telling me, however, is that they had not adapted their style to take into account my preferred communication style.  Each of them were extremely direct, focused, short and clipped.  One actually stated “I do not mean to be rude but……” which is always a sign that this is exactly what they are going to be.  I had additional comments such as “if you paid for this, you were ripped off” and “keep your personal summary for friends and family”.  I believe that in their eagerness to share their knowledge with me, they rushed into dumping their advice quickly and curtly into my inbox.  I remain appreciative and thankful for their thoughts. So much more could have been achieved, however,  if they had thought about me as, after all, a potential customer and reference.  Some research would confirm that I have come from the corporate world where diplomatic wording is the norm.  The same ideas, turning the negative into constructive positive advice (as I have done with the bullet points above) would have been appreciated and inspired me to respond and refer accordingly.   My last tip is, think about your audience’s likely preferred communication style and adapt your message to it.  The chances of creating a more positive impression are much higher and you still demonstrate your expertise. 

The Week:  I bowed to gentle pressure and organised a mentoring Forum for all business leaders – male and female.  I have called this the Leadership Forum and it will be held in Colchester on the 10th December.  So, all you guys out there – here is your chance to share ideas, use a sounding board and, of course, network. Prove my assumption that this type of Forum would only appeal to women wrong by booking at Spaces are also still available for the Highflyingdivas Forum in Chelmsford on  23rd November.

I attended two networking events this week.  The first a regular meeting of the Synogis network in London and a breakfast meeting of Colchester Connected on Friday.  I sent out some direct mail sales letters and was delighted to have one of the reply forms returned at the weekend. 

Reading.  As it is the end of the month, I am only summarising the list of recommended reading from previous blogs.  This is available on my communications web-page.

Lighter Reflections

Business leaderI am terrified of spiders.  I don’t actually start to scream unti they move but there is something in the way their legs seem to rapidly scurry along in a disjointed way that sends shivers up my spine.  I am convinced that all spiders are fully aware of  which watching victims are frightened.  In our old house, we have a gigantic hairy house-spider whose legs are so long that even when he hides behind a beam, they hang out either side.  I have named him Fre.  It is Fred’s delight to regularly run across our living room floor, stop, turn and glare at me and then run for cover on the opposite side of the room.  He never stops when my husband, dog, cat, son are in the room.  Just when its me, alone, unprotected.  I’m sure that he has a grin on his face and a “na na na nana” in his head.  On Friday, during breakfast, I had revenge on his species. The lady on my left, who clearly shares my love of spiders suddenly screamed and shrieked “There’s a spder on your shoulder”.  My immediate reaction was to leap up and flap my hands around from chin to chest in a desperate and fearful attempt to remove it, without needing to see or touch it.  This was punctuated by the necesary jumping up and down that all spider-removing manuals recommend.  The creature was flung onto the table-cloth, whereupon my neighbour picked up a fork and pounced on it, flattening it to the table.  My surpise and admiration quickly evaporated when I realised that she hadn’t used her own fork for this plucky attack but picked up mine, which she then handed back to me, before calmly retaking her seat.  I did think about bringing the fork home and laying it on the living room floor for Fred to see but the weapon was quickly snatched by a passing waiter and the flattened body of dead spider delicately wrapped in a napkin shroud and hurried away.

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3 Responses to Communication Tips

  1. Jo Sandhu says:

    Hi Rosemary,

    Fab posting! It’s great to see you turning that feedback into something positive for you to learn from – as we both know, all feedback is good, it just depends on what you do with it. For me, the feedback you got simply reinforces the need for many managers and leaders to hone their skills when it comes to giving feedback. As you say, tuning into how their audience like to receive is a small shift with potentially huge results.

    Nice work on the spider issue – my husband completely supports your approach!

  2. Of the first 4 points I agree with all but the content. Some people sell off long copy and as long as it encourages people to read it, it contains useful information and it comes to a conclusion it is valid.

    Some products and services benefit from their prospects reading several blogs / updates before they make up their mind to contact you. There are those out there who want to read about you or your offering before they buy. As long as the copy is fresh, pertinent, stays focused on your objective, promotes benefits and delivers information that is useful. The length of the copy should not be an issue.

    Blithely saying short copy is the only way misses a chunk of the market,. The rest of your piece is V useful thanks.

  3. Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!

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