3 Home Truths That Work For Your Business

There is a good reason why popular sayings remain popular – because they work.  So here are my three that came up again this week. 

1.  You get out what you put in (in terms of effort and rewards).  Make an effort, continue to focus and remain positive and you will get results.

2.  Practice makes perfect. This goes for everything from writing proposals, standing up and saying your “60 seconds” or delivering a service. 

3.  Only worry about what you can control.   Not that worrying is good for you but it should spur you to action.  If you cannot control the cause of the concern, then worry is like sitting in a rocking chair.  It doesn’t matter how hard you rock, you are going nowhere.  So the question I always ask myself is “Can I do anything about it?”  and if the answer is no, put it out of your mind. 

This week.  I often wonder why my days seem to be either jam-packed with activities or completely blank.  Monday and Tuesday were relatively quiet and then Wednesday was frenetic.  I started with the Business4Breakfast networking event in Colchester,  (www.bforb.com) then travelled to London for a meeting at the IoD in Pall Mall.  This was followed by a coaching session and then a social networking at Centrepoint with fellow coaches.  I trained with The Forton Group, ably run by Bob Hughes and Helen Caton-Hughes.  What I have found different about this training are the number of relationships formed by attendees during and continued after the training.  I regularly connect with a number of “students” and so do my colleagues.  We co-coach, network and make referrals.  We also remain closely linked with The Forton Group and the ongoing activities and services they provide. How many training courses have you attended where that has happened?  www.thefortongroup.com  The remainder of my week continued with preparations for the launch of the Highflyingdivas Forum.  We now have half the places booked for what promises to be a very exciting and worthwhile event.  See more details at http://hfd.eventbrite.com and book your place if you have not already done so, or bring a friend. 

Customer loyaltyFinally I ended the week on a “high” as my article on customer loyalty was published in Business Success 

Recommended Reading.  This week I have been enthralled by Dr Marcia Reynolds’ second book, “Wander Women, How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction”.  This books draws on fresh research and extensive interviews.  It is full of ideas and exercises that can support every professional woman on her journey of achievement and success.

Lighter ReflectionsleadershipI have cause to reflect on how dependent I am becoming on technology.  My iphone has been less than perfect and I finally lost patience with it and sent it off packing, with a severe reprimand, to get itself sorted and come back better behaved.  Every time I had a call and the voice said, “If you have a touchpad phone, press……now”, I would hold the phone away to be greeted with a blank stare (i.e. black screen).  This would also happen when I wanted to end a call, probably leaving the other person wondering why I found this relationship so fascinating that I was having withdrawal challenges stopping me from ending the call.  It was one of those niggly little “tut tut” exercises that my long-suffering husband had to put up with.  He finally gave up and instructed me to “sort it out”.  So, off my phone has gone.  For 2 weeks.  Carphone Warehouse did not have a working standby phone to lend me so I am orphaned from 24hr  technological contact.  Now, I am someone who has actually returned home and missed the train because I have forgotten my phone.  How did I manage before mobile phones?  I fretted as I waited for a colleague who was late (and had left a message on my phone to tell me) and I panicked as I, in turn, was late for another colleague and had no way of notifying her. (Hence home truth no. 3. above which I am still trying to apply to myself).  Did I wait for the colleague who was late?  Yes,.  Did my late arrival cause problems?  No.  So where does my need to be constantly connected come from?  I am now in week two of my iphone-weaning process.  I actually feel that I might resist the temptation to kiss my phone on its return and then take it to dinner to celebrate its return and allow it to recover from its no-doubt scary experience of internal investigation and testing.  I don’t know – it might still be too early to predict.

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