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5 Mental Habits of Successful Leaders

Most people recognise John P Kotter as the leading guru on change management.  His 8 stage process of how to ensure success in organisational change is both tried, tested and proven.  I also followed this in managing the global change … Continue reading

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Resources for consultants

Where do you find your next consultancy contract?  Networking is fine and you can always use direct mail and cold calling, however it is far easier to respond to a request than try to initiate interest in your services.  I … Continue reading

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3 Home Truths That Work For Your Business

There is a good reason why popular sayings remain popular – because they work.  So here are my three that came up again this week.  1.  You get out what you put in (in terms of effort and rewards).  Make … Continue reading

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The Key to successfully managing change

The first step to managing change is to understand the physiological reactions to news of change.  This is true for bad news,  whatever the context.  Illness, redundancy, proposal rejection.  Research has shown that people go through various stages of emotional response.  Understanding … Continue reading

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