3 Free Reports On How To Use Social Media

This week, my tips are links to three reports on how to use social media for your business.  I have found all three reports useful.

1.  How to build your business in just six months with Twitter and Other Social Networks.  This is one of a number of free reports from Judy Cullins at www.bookcoaching.com

2.  Connecting With Your Customers: A guide to Social Media by Sage.   www.sage.co.uk.

3.  101 Traffic Tips Report.  How to get more traffic using social media.  http://www.social-media-traffic.com/

There are a multitude of free sources of information on this subject.  Just type in “free report social media on Google” to find some more.  It helps build continuous learning and, therefore, effectiveness.

So, on to my week.

Monday, I had a meeting with my new Bank Account Manager.  You may remember my comments that all advisors should be supporting you and your business, especially accountants and banks.  Happily, I am now switching from my remote bank (no cost and basically no service) to NatWest whom I have seen at numerous start-up and other networking events.  Tuesday was spent writing my article on Women in Leadership Roles.  I interviewed Bev Hurley, the founder of Enterprising Women the week previously, so transcribed those notes and outlined my final article.  On Wednesday I attended an Enterprising Women’s event at Writtle College in Chelmsford on the subject of Social Media.  www.enterprising-women.org.  Wendy Dashwood-Quick gave an insightful presentation on the subject and then offered various further free events.  Check her out on www.resolutioncoaching.co.uk.  I mentioned that I wanted to move to including a video in my blog, so we shot one after the event.  Watch for it next week!!  Thursday was more service development and marketing.  One action I always take after a networking meeting, is to invite everyone I have met to join on LinkedIn.  This simply means taking their business card and connecting.  Today, I met a client with whom I have a bartering arrangement.  She helps me with my marketing and I provide free coaching.   This evening I am due to attend the second Colchester Biz free networking event.  This week it is at Ardleigh, nr Ipswich.  www.colbiz.net.  I also joined a number of LinkedIn business groups and added some questions and comments to raise my profile (and to get some answers/views of course).

Reading for the Week – I have found myself talking about writing articles as a way to get mentioned in the press.   I usually refer to the “bible” of sources, namely “Writers’ & Artists” Yearbook 2010, available from most bookshops.  This book lists all the national and regional newspapers and magazines throughout the UK, together with book publishers.  It contains chapters giving advice on how to get started, copyright and all other manner of useful topics.

Lighter Reflections

My friend is in the US at a family wedding.  He texts me to say that the groom has fallen out with the bride’s parents and is threatening not to turn up and he has been asked to “do” a reading at the ceremony because he has “a nice voice”.  He suspects this is because he has an English accent.  This would be ok except he doesn’t understand what he is supposed to be reading.  It makes no sense.  This reminded me of my one time of “reading” at the wedding of a close friend.  I learnt the poem and felt fairly confident with it in front of me.  When I arrived at the front of the congregation, the groom whipped away my printout and handed me a little engraved book with the poem printed, in 8 font script, inside.  It was too late to protest.  There I was, squinting, whilst rocking back and forth, to try to get a better focus on the words.  This visual interest balanced out the auditory performance of long pauses and short quick “catch up” phrases when I remembered the lines.  It was the strongest hint to me yet that maybe it was time for glasses.  My struggles seemed to pass unnoticed by all, except the groom, who told me that I had repeated one line twice.  No-one else seemed to notice and I was complimented on the “life” I had brought to the piece.  So, my learning.  However you may be feeling inside, it probably looks quite different to your audience!

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