Networking, Website Improvements and Recommendations

Another week has flown by.  I have set myself a target of two networking events a week and have been busy being a “Network Tourist”, trying them all out to settle on the ones that I feel work for me.  I mentioned last week that I was attending the Raw Business networking event.  This was held in Chelmsford and attendees tended to be small business Directors or sole traders.  We received a presentation from an NLP Business Coach and were then invited to network.  I assess these networks on two levels.  Are they my target market and if not, are they likely to have access to my target market?  Sadly, in both cases I think not.  I received a call the next day from my “Account Manager” who was, once again, both professional and sales-focused.  I gave him my views and said that I appreciate the business is growing and appears to be well-supported, it wasn’t for me at present.

I also attended another event from The Business Women’s Network who have now launched in both Norfolk and Suffolk.  I join these to connect with like-minded women rather than as a potential market.  Finally, I have been directed to another enterprise called WIRE (Women in rural enterprise), aimed at business networking.  They have branches across the UK.  Membership is £40 but you can attend two sessions free to assess its suitability.  I intend to visit their Colchester group.

I also appeared to win a free review of my website by website blueprint.  An award-winning website designed to help small businesses.  The review was conducted via webinar and the first piece of advice he gave me was to move my website from its current hosting to a platform, integrating it with this blog.  He then proceeded to give me many useful tips and advice such as the importance of key words on page titles.  He recommended  for email management.  Take a look at his website and sign up for his regular useful email tips.   He also has access to a free website grader.  My first website gave a grading of 2 out of 100!  It has now improved to 45 but I am confident it will hit the higher end of the scale once I have revamped once more.  Tell me, am I a Coach and Consultant or a website designer these days?

Lighter Reflections

Baron trying to look innocent

That must lead me to this section of my blog.  My Dutch dog Baron was 3 years old on Tuesday.  He is a very tall (74cm at the shoulder) Hovawart.  We have renamed him Alice since he seems to spend his time with his head down the rabbit holes in our garden.  Having an intelligent dog (yes it is possible) can be a challenge.  I give him glucosamine tablets to keep his joints healthy and it is a daily battle to get them down him.  I have to open his mouth by putting my fingers behind his back teeth and then fling them down the back of his throat.  He will often take a deep gulp and then spit them out, shooting them bullet-like across the kitchen.  Alternatively he will pretend to swallow looking at me with big brown eyes.  He then manoeuvres them to the side of his mouth, up and out.  I find them later.  My friend told me that he solved the problem with his dog by covering the pills in peanut butter.  Out I went and duly purchased large tub of said product.  Baron willingly took them, sucked all the butter off each tablet and then…… yes, you guessed it – more tablet missiles across the kitchen floor.  Any more advice will be duly trialed and reported upon.

My recommended book this week is The Mindgym Wake Your Mind Up by Octavius Black and Sebastian Bailey, published by Sphere 2007.  It is full of practical tips and techniques based on applied psychology that address the mental habits that stop us from achieving more in less time, resolving difficult challenges and enjoying life.  A book I need to frequently return to!

Wishing you a successful and stress-free week.

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Leadership Coach and Management Consultant helping you to clarify your goals and achieve success in your career or business. Also founder of Highflyingdivas and the Leadership Forum
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